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Signs It’s Time to Update Your Electric Panel

Certain items make it clear when it’s time for them to be replaced. While it’s easily one of the most important pieces of your home, your electric panel is one of the few things that can be slightly more challenging to acknowledge when a replacement is needed. Here at Breaker Outlet, we carry a huge [...]

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The Dangers of an Outdated Electrical Circuit

Electricity is a significant component of the comfort that we get to experience on a regular basis. Be it in our homes or our workplace, having safe and reliable electrical wiring is a crucial component to structural safety. Given that so many new buildings are popping up across the United States, it’s not common for [...]

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GFCI Breakers vs GFCI Receptacles

In this day and age, we rely on electricity for so many things in our homes. In fact, electricity has become so commonplace that many people don’t even realize how dangerous it can be any more. Apart from electrical fires, the biggest risk our electrical systems pose is electrical shocks, particularly in areas with lots [...]

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Is It Time to Replace Your Circuit Breaker?

Believe it or not, circuit breakers don’t last forever. The circuit breaker is the one part of a home’s electrical system that homeowners are most aware of and use most frequently. But what most homeowners don’t know is that circuit breakers don’t last forever. If you leave a failing circuit breaker unattended for too long, it [...]

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Breaker Outlet Has All of the Electrical System Components You Need

If you are an electrician, you understand how important it is to have access to the electrical components that you need to complete a job on time, safely, and to your high standards. While there are seemingly more places to order what you need online every day, it can be difficult to know whether or [...]

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​Where Can I Find the Discontinued and Refurbished Circuit Breakers I Need?

When you’re an electrician, you know just how quickly things can change. A line of circuit breakers or other electrical components that you have relied on for years can seemingly disappear overnight when the manufacturer rolls out their new line of products. While many of the new components that they release are an improvement, or [...]

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Replacement Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers for Any Type of Application Regardless of your industrial, commercial or residential environment, having superior circuit protection is highly important. Breaker Outlet an MRO supplier offers a variety of OEM circuit breaker products closely matching any electrical system standard. Browse through our large supply of new and replacement circuit breakers and related products and [...]

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Cutler-Hammer & Eaton Products

Eaton Circuit Breakers Breaker Outlet an MRO Circuit Breakers supplier offers high quality circuit breakers for residential, commercial, and industrial clients nationwide and internationally. Our products are made by the best manufacturers in the industry guaranteeing quality and exceptional performance. Breaker Outlet carries every type of circuit breaker you may need including Eaton circuit breakers, [...]

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