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Can I buy breaker panels and other parts over the phone with a credit card?

Yes. There is no order minimum and you don't have to have an account. While we normally work with larger volume customers, you can still order a small part over the phone or through our site and pay with your credit card. Call 800-321-8998 to speak with a Breaker Outlet expert.

Why don’t I see the item I need on your website?

Though we have approximately half a million parts listed, not all parts that we carry are listed or in stock at any given time. If we are out of a part or we don't carry it, it can be ordered and shipped quickly. If you don’t see your part listed, call in and speak to an electrical supply expert at 800-321-8998.

Your prices seem really low; am I actually buying a new part?

Yes, these items are NEW! Most distributors are locked in at a set price based on regional price restrictions set by manufacturers. Breaker Outlet is a national supplier with customers from Orange County, CA to New York City, and everywhere in between. This means that we are allowed to set our own prices. We buy new products in bulk and are able to negotiate prices that are significantly lower than most other distributors.

Do you sell refurbished goods? Are your refurbished goods under warranty?

Yes and yes. We sell some refurbished products. All of our products, new or refurbished, are under warranty. Ask our tech support for any questions or concerns with the warranty.

Where does one find the breakers they need for their home, business, or other facility?

On our website or by calling us.

Are out-of-production breakers still available?

Yes. Most older items are still available through Breaker Outlet, though some are harder to find than others.

Can my breaker be repaired?

Repairs range in cost from $200 to $2,000, so smaller residential models are generally easier to replace than fix.

How can I identify the breaker I need?

Take a steady, close up picture with your camera and email it to us, then give us a call. We'll do the rest.

How do I return a part?

A return authorization must be obtained from the Breaker Outlet Online Customer Service Center or the sales team or management group. Visit this page to apply for a return authorization number. Restocking fees may be assessed to all returns not qualifying for a refund and/or whenever a customer does not request a replacement. While the specific restocking fee is left to the seller's discretion, all items returned are subject to a restocking fee of up to 100%. Shipper is not responsible for equipment damaged in transit.

How do I obtain a tracking number?

If you placed your order online, login and check your order — the tracking number will be there. If you placed your order over the phone, please call a support specialist at 800-321-8998 and they will be able to provide you with a tracking number.