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About Us

Breaker Outlet is a unique supplier for maintenance, repair, operations, and strategic stores for circuit breakers and other electrical components.

Breaker Outlet carries a vast collection of circuit breakers that exceed the electrical requirements of home, commercial, and industrial customers. If you need main circuit breakers, replacement circuit breakers, or motor controls, we have what you need. Our online catalog provides you with convenient viewing and ordering to help you get the exact circuit breakers necessary to adequately protect your electrical power systems.

A Wide Range of Circuit Breakers for Facility Managers

Building codes change every year. In order to be compliant, we have the perfect electrical components to match your needs. Whether you need standard circuit breakers, ground fault breakers, motor circuit protectors, or any other type of circuit breaker, our inventory offers a variety of new and refurbished circuit breakers to fit your specific application.

Circuit Breaker Reseller

We stock and supply thermal, magnetic, and electronic circuit breakers from the most well-known manufacturers in the industry. You can find the specific circuit breakers you need in our online superstore. Popular brands including Cutler-Hammer, Square D, and General Electric. In addition to these new, top-of-the-line breakers, our inventory also includes a number of older and obsolete circuit breakers built prior to the 1950s.

Contact Breaker Outlet

We love to help our customers. We also speak Español. For more information about our extensive line of circuit breakers and motor controls, call us today at (800) 321-8998.