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In our accessories category we carry a large number of devices that are used with electrical breaker panels and circuit breakers.

Some of the accessories that we carry include remote power cut-off devices. These devices work by means of a Shunt Trip device that is installed into circuit breakers. The shunt trip is a solenoid that, when power is applied to it, snaps into the trip cam, interrupting the circuit and immediately cutting off the flow of power. The shunt trip is then connected to a red mushroom emergency stop button so it is easy to activate.

We also carry Undervoltage Release (UVR) devices. UVRs turn off electric power to a motor when power drops as a way to prevent damage to the motor that could occur if the low power is less than required for proper operation. This device will also prevent the breaker from resetting until proper voltage is regained.

Breaker Outlet carries auxiliary switches to connect indicating lights that give a visual signal of the status of operation, too.

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