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As you browse through our accessories category here at Breaker Outlet, you will find a large number of electrical panel and circuit breaker components. Some of which include remote power cut-off devices that work by means of a Shunt Trip device that’s installed into circuit breakers. The shunt trip is a solenoid, meaning that when it receives power, it snaps into the trip cam and interrupts the circuit, resulting in immediately cutting off the flow of power through the circuit. Then, it connects to a red mushroom emergency stop button, making it easy to activate when needed.

You will also find Undervoltage Release (UVR) devices within our circuit breaker component section. UVRs turn off electric power to a motor when there is a drop in power. This helps to prevent damage to the motor that could occur if the power is lower than what is required for the circuit to properly operate. Additionally, UVRs will also prevent the breaker from resetting until the right amount of voltage is achieved. At Breaker Outlet, we also carry auxiliary switches to connect indicating lights that provide a visual indication of status operation. Browse through all of our accessories and auxiliary components below!