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The Dangers of an Outdated Electrical Circuit

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Electricity is a significant component of the comfort that we get to experience on a regular basis. Be it in our homes or our workplace, having safe and reliable electrical wiring is a crucial component to structural safety. Given that so many new buildings are popping up across the United States, it’s not common for us to think about whether or not the electrical wiring in our homes and commercial buildings are up to date and safe. If the house that you’re living in or the commercial building that you run your business in has outdated electrical circuits, you could be dealing with a handful of dangers. Today, the team at Breaker Outlet is going to dive into a few of the major hazards that outdated electrical wiring brings to the table. If you have outdated reading, keep reading!

The Maker of the Breaker

Over the years there have been various companies that took a shot at making a high-quality breaker to put into the homes and offices, but a few of them weren’t done correctly. A lot of these breakers made their way into homes, and it wasn’t until later that they were deemed unsafe to have. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of buildings that have these breakers.

All of that being said, if you notice that there’s an outdated breaker in your home or the building that you manage, it’s time to get it updated. Leaving these outdated breakers that are notorious for being dangerous. You’ll be better off by investing in a new breaker that you know will prioritize your safety.

Electric Overload

As we mentioned earlier, a majority of the comfort that we receive on a day to day basis is powered with electricity. The lights in our space, the devices that we use, and all of the little add-ons that we plug in daily can lead to an electrical overload. Your breaker is designed to keep too much electricity from creating a danger within your space and making it easy for you to reset it when the currents have been lowered. 

If the breaker that you have in your home or office space is not up to date, then your electric wiring may be feeding more electricity than it can handle without any way of stopping. This is a considerable danger that could lead to fires or wiring that’s entirely damaged. Replacing an old breaker for something that’s safer and will cost you some more money upfront, but it drastically reduces the money that you might have to spend down the road in the case of an emergency.

Electrical Fires

We’ve touched on it briefly in the points above, but it’s such a serious danger that it requires us to touch on it further: electrical fires. Too often we associate fires with an open flame, but a good portion of the fires that happen in homes and businesses are actually due to electrical capacity and outdated wiring. 

When too much electricity begins to run through the wiring, it starts to warm up. Whether it’s the wiring that starts the fire or the outlets that are warming up from the amount of electricity, the heat that old wiring is capable of creating is pretty incredible. To the touch, the outlets and wiring are warm, but because of the material that composes these pieces, it requires very minimal temperature to start up a massive fire.

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The dangerous of outdated wiring, especially a circuit breaker, can be pretty intensive. Truly, there’s no way to understand just how dangerous the wiring in your home is without having a professional look at it. Once they’ve given you input on how you can improve your electrical wiring, Breaker Outlet is the place to go.

When it comes to high-quality breakers and the various pieces that are required for them to function, Breaker Outlet has got you covered. If the breaker that you’re using is outdated, it’s time to browse the selection of pieces and breakers that we have to offer. Our team will take good care of you and ensure that you no longer have an old breaker to worry about. 

If you have any questions regarding your breaker, contact your local electrician or reach out to our team for guidance on the pieces that we carry. 

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