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Is It Time to Replace Your Circuit Breaker?

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Believe it or not, circuit breakers don’t last forever.

The circuit breaker is the one part of a home’s electrical system that homeowners are most aware of and use most frequently. But what most homeowners don’t know is that circuit breakers don’t last forever. If you leave a failing circuit breaker unattended for too long, it can create a fire hazard in your home and open you up to other electrical risks. Knowing when to replace your circuit breaker is a key part of keeping your home safe. Here are a warning few signs that indicate that your circuit breaker is failing:

#1. Constant circuit trips

In most cases, frequent circuit trips are often the first sign of a failing circuit breaker. When your circuit breaker is working as it was designed to, a circuit trip helps to prevent electrical overloads that can damage your electrical system and increase the risk of an electrical fire. However, when your circuit breaker has a wiring issue, it has a failing circuit or it requires an additional circuit to distribute the electrical load evenly, it can cause a single circuit to trip over and over again.

#2. Hot-to-the-touch circuit breaker

When your circuit breaker is working as it should, it and all of its components it should be around the same temperature. But if one of the circuits has started to fail, it and any of the materials around it will often become hot. If your circuit breaker feels warm or hot, never attempt to reset it on your own. Instead, call an emergency electrician to come out and take a look.

#3. Burning odor

Do you smell a burning odor coming from the circuit breaker? If so, chances are high that the insulation and wires inside have started to overheat, and that your circuit breaker is no longer protecting your home properly. Any time you notice this kind of smell coming from your circuit breaker, it’s important to turn off the electricity to your home immediately and call an emergency electrician.

#4. Singed spots or scorch marks

Electricity needs to be properly contained and grounded in order for it to be safe, and if it’s not, as power travels between components, it can cause sparks to fly. It’s for this reason that disconnected wires are a fire hazard. If a circuit breaker has any disconnected or damaged wires, you may notice singed spots or scorch marks on the breaker box, and it means that it’s time for a new circuit breaker.

#5. Breakers won’t reset

When you reset a breaker, it should be as easy as flipping a light switch, and you should have no trouble changing the position of the switch. However, if the breaker flips back right away, it won’t move at all or it stays in the center position, it’s likely that the breaker has failed.

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